Absences For State Activities

Absences for State Activities – Parent Responsibilities

If a parent/guardian would like their child to be excused from school to attend State Tournaments/Championships, they must call the Gretna High School office stating their child has permission to attend the tournament/championship PRIOR to the students’ departure for the respective event. Procedural information will be given to the students electronically the week of the tournament/championship.

Gretna High School Student Attendance at State Tournament/Championship Policy:

Gretna High School students may be excused from school to watch NSAA sanctioned State Tournament/Championship Games/Matches when:

  • Gretna High School is playing in the game/match/tournament, but ONLY for the game/match/tournament that Gretna High School teams are participating in.

  • Members of Gretna High School teams for NSAA sanctioned activities may be excused to watch the games/matches/tournaments for the respective NSAA Classification that Gretna participates in (i.e. members of the GHS Volleyball team when Gretna participates in Class A could be excused to watch all Class A Volleyball matches in that state tournament only, not matches in any of the other classes).

Absences for State Activities – Student Responsibilities

If a student wishes to be excused from school to attend State Tournaments/Championships, they must:

  1. Complete the Google Form sent to them on their school email the week of the tournament/championship prior to the due date listed in the email sent to them.

  2. All schoolwork, for the time frame of the requested absence and any missing/late work from all courses, must be completed before the student leaves to attend the event.

If both of these steps are not completed PRIOR to the students’ departure, the absence may not be excused and the student may have to make up any time missed from school plus may receive a zero on any school work not completed.