GHS E-Learning Student Guidelines

GHS E-Learning Student Guidelines:

1. All classwork issued via E-Learning, during the time school is not in session, is REQUIRED by all students to be completed.

a. E-Learning assignments will be graded and entered into SIMS as daily grades.

i. Students that do not earn 100% of the possible points will have the opportunity to redo the assignment and earn points back up to, and including, full credit (it is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher to let them know they are attempting to earn points back)

  1. Student E-Learning grades from the previous week will be posted to SIMS by the end of the school day on Tuesday.

  2. Students have until the following Friday (3days) to complete the “redo” assignments.

  3. Students are not required to redo assignments unless they earned less than 70% of the possible points, teachers will contact students to reteach/relearn.

  1. Dual Credit courses will be graded/recorded as full point values for the Metro grade only. GHS grades will be entered as a daily grade for these assignments.

  2. Student work that was incomplete prior to March 16th must be completed and will apply to your class grade.

  3. Students that do not complete E-Learning assignments or have incomplete work owed prior to March 16th, will still complete the work when we return to school (when that becomes possible).

  4. Consequences for students who do not complete all work listed above:

    1. Seniors will not graduate.

    2. Underclassmen will not be able to advance to the next grade


2. An email will be sent from teachers by no later than Monday at 10 am, informing students of the expected work to be completed that week.

  1. Reply to your teacher that you received the message.

  2. All work for that week will be due no later than Friday. Exact times will be

    set by individual teachers.

  3. Inform your teacher if you have any internet concerns so other

    arrangements can be made.

  1. All lesson information will be shared electonically, unless arrangements are made with your teacher and administration.

    a. Please check your student email and Google Classroom​ DAILY for the class to ensure that you have found all the required information.

  2. Teachers will be available electronically Monday through Friday from 9 am-3 pm for student assistance using email and are expected to reply that day. The schedule below is THE MINIMUM expectations when teachers will be available for students using Zoom conferencing.

    High School Zoom time by Period:





10am - 11am





11am - noon




*Zoom conferences will be used for face to face communication between students and teachers. This could be used by students to ask questions or for teachers to give direct instruction if they choose. Zoom lessons would be recorded if students are unable to be online at that time.

  1. We are encouraging parents to support student learning by allowing students to use technology when needed.

  2. We want to be back in school soon, but safely. In the mean time, we will try to keep learning experiences as normal and beneficial as possible.