GHS Technology Operations and Concepts

Students demonstrate a sound understanding of technology concepts, systems, and operations
a. Understand and use technology systems
b. Select and use applications effectively and productively
c. Troubleshoot systems and applications
d. Transfer current knowledge to learning of new technologies



Jazz Bands use Google Docs to compile weekly listening assignments that they input into a spreadsheet creating a "master" list of quality jazz music that the kids and myself can use as a reference. The students each have their own tab of their personal contributions. They enter the name of the piece, the composer, the performers, the album title, the source of the music (i.e. youtube link, Spotify, album they own), their name, and the date that they enter it.

US History - students create a documentary(iMovie) over a topic related to the 1950's and 1960's

Business - Daily use of technology. Students create their own business. Technology is used for everything needed to develop their business. Students must show how they determined costs from inception thru production and to determine price. Students create an actual 3-D mockup of the bldg(s) they need. Research and calculate construction and/or rental fees. Create marketing concepts. How are they going to create their product/service. Research codes and ordinances. Select geographical locations. If students are purchasing land is it zoned correctly, how much is the land going to cost. Access for purchasing/distribution, need artery maps, etc. Human Resources, to include wages.

German - Family Tree Project using Prezi - create a real or imaginary family tree, write about each member of the family in German
Weather Project - create a weather report and use interactive presentation material to give a weather report for five German cities
Create multiple video projects, an example would be a commercial emphasizing german adjectives
Use the internet to plan a trip to Berlin, looking at the logistics of subways and tourist attractions-to prepare for actual visit to Berlin

Physics - Build Excel spreadsheet with embedded formulae to allow students to keep running tally of current grade for classes 


Links to UC-Davis site to provide extra problems with solutions for challenging sections

On-line homework assignments: students access with tablets/smart phones/laptops. Solutions available to minimize ‘over-the-weekend’ frustrations

Write introductory notes on board for each lesson. Students copy notes or take snapshot with tablet or smart phone. Several students are also using tablets/smart phones in class to take snapshots of worked solutions done in class.

Students use Wolfram Alpha and Maple 18 to check calculus problems.

Social Studies - Presidential Final Four - Students use databases, websites, etc. to research two president’s accomplishments. This information is organized into an outline and shared from Google Docs. Presidents are displayed into an Excel tournament bracket and debated and voted on to determine the best president.

In Algebra II- students use graphing calculators to graph polynomial equations. These can be used as a quick reference to better understand how polynomials work, and is used to teach students how to use a graphing calculator. Geogebra is used to graph functions. Both programs give the same result ­ a visual representation of the graph of a polynomial function in order provide a better understanding of the graphs of these functions.