GHS Curriculum Overview

The role of technology is to collect, interpret and apply information to communicate and prepare students to function in a technology rich environment. The integration of technology shall be used as a tool to enhance student learning . All students upon leaving Gretna Public Schools will be proficient in the use of technology guided by the Gretna Technology Matrix. Our role is to integrate technology into the curriculum through the collection, interpretation and application of information. The primary goal is to prepare students for a technology rich environment. This approach to learning will be guided by the technology matrix.
The Gretna High School technology curriculum is based on the ISTE (Society for Technology in Education) Standards.
The curriculum has been developed to meet the needs of student's present needs as well as their future needs. Our staff works to incorporate technology into all curricular areas in an effort to create a seamless integration for learning. The Gretna Technology Matrix provides a guideline for covering these areas of technology.

Communication and Collaboration
Digital Citizenship
Research and Information
Technology Operations
Critical Thinking Skills