Junior Year Checklist

College Planning PowerPoint for Juniors

College Planning - Juniors.pdf


Junior Year Checklist:

*Sign up for Countdown2College at www.educationquest.org to receive monthly college planning advice.

*Consider what characteristics you are looking for in a college.

*Research colleges that interest you.

* Develop a list of schools that you are considering. Have 5 - 10 schools on your list.

*Gather information from schools you are considering.

*Speak with college representatives when they visit GHS.

*Attend the college fair at GHS in October.

*Take the ACT or SAT in the spring. Check which test you should take. Consider enrolling in a
test prep class

*Take the PSAT in October.

*Begin searching for scholarships.

*Develop a resume to use for college and scholarship applications.

*Begin NCAA/NAIA eligibility registration process (if applicable).

*Make campus visits during your 2nd semester.