22-23 Registration Information

Please click below your assigned counselor's Calendly Scheduling link:

During your registration appointment, you will:

Bring your orange  registration worksheet to the appointment 
* Review your transcript and required classes for graduation
* Discuss your plans for after high school
* Select classes for the 2022-23 school year

All current Freshman will register with our sub counselor, Mrs. Graver.

Please click here for her Calendly Link

Mrs. Palensky’s students will be divided among the other GHS counselors.  Use the links below to make an appointment with the appropriate counselor based on your last name!! 
* A - Bowling ~ Hansen 
* Buet- Cush ~ Shostak
* Cwel-Ever ~ Carraher

All others, use the link below to schedule your appointment with your assigned counselor.  If your last name is 

Registration Presentation - Please Click Here!