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Directions for configuring your email for Mac Mail, Entourage, Outlook, Ipads, Androids, and Iphones.

Configuring Mac Mail for Exchange 2010

Mac Mail version 4.5

Launch MacMail Wizard

Fill in the following fields

Fullname:John Doe



Click continue

Account Type: Exchange 2007


Incoming Mail Server:


Password: xxxxx

I unchecked Address book contacts and Ical calendars

Click continue

You will get a summary of settings

Click Create

If your client is already configured you will need to change the incoming mail server to the new server and reset your password to whatever you select.


Entourage setup with Exchange 2010

Mac OS version 10.4.11

Entourage needs to be at version 13.1.3 Entourage 2008 Web Services edition

I updated mine by clicking help within Entourage and under help check for updates I was several version behind so it took a little while.

Once it was I upgraded I launched Entourage

Under Entourage Menu select: Account settings, New, add new account

Account type: Exchange click Ok

Account Name: John Doe Email

Account Name: John Doe

Email Address:

Account ID: jdoe

Domain: ESU3

Password: xxxxxx

Click Ok

It will create the account under Accounts, now double click the account you just created

Under the advanced tab

Search Base: leave blank for now

Exchange Server:


Click Ok

It should then prompt you for a password to login to your email account

It will then sync with the Exchange server and after it finishes you are good to go.

If you are currently at that version level then you should only have to change the Domain name and the password, and then point to the new Exchange sever


Instructions to setup Outlook 2011 for the Mac

Launch Outlook the new accounts wizard will start

Select Add an Account Exchange Account

Enter email address

Authentication: username and password




Add Account

Summary of settings you can close this window.

You should be prompted for your username and password to login to Outlook.

If the account has already been configured for connection to the old Exchange server you will only need to change the Exchange server setting under advanced to point to the new Exchange server


How to configure an I-pad

Select settings

Select Mail, Contacts, Calendars

Select Add Account

Select Microsoft Exchange

Enter email:

Enter Password

Enter Description click ìNextî

Enter Server:

Enter username jbrowne

Click ìNextî

Select which features you want on mail, contacts, calendars, reminders.

Click ìSaveî

Account is now configured.

If your I-pad is already configured then you can just change the Server to and the domain to ESU3 and the password and you should be back online and working


Configuration of Smart phones and other hand held devices.

The process of configuring these devices varies from device to device.

It would be impossible to cover them all so I will configure one and that should be similar enough to help with most other devices.

I am using a Motorola Android as an example.

Start email app

Select Add account

Enter email address

Enter password


Enter account type: Exchange

Enter Domain\Username: Esu3\username

Enter Server name:

You will receive a prompt to accept remote security administration: Select Ok

Select desired settings we usually go with defaults

It will ask you to name the account:

Select: Done

On all other devices you will need to navigate to the email configuration tab and change the Exchange Server to the new server Depending on the device you may need to enter it in a different format or

You may also be prompted for a domain name which is ESU3 instead of esu3w2k