Eligibility Requirements

The NSAA requires the following documents to be completed before a student athlete is eligible to participate in practice or competition. 

  1. Physical Examination Form: A sports physical needs to be completed by a licensed healthcare provider after May 1st, 2023. The physical documentation needs to include the physician’s signature, the date of the physical, and indicate that the athlete is cleared without restrictions. Many physicians’ offices have their own physical form, which can be used. Attached is a Gretna Public Schools high school physical template that can be used if desired. This form can be found on each high school website under “Printable Flyers” in the Activities tab. 

  2. NSAA Verification: This form needs to be completed by the parent/legal guardian and the student-athlete. You will be notified by the district in mid-July when the student verification process opens and the NSAA form will be available to complete on-line.  

We request that you complete and submit all the necessary forms before August 1, 2023 to ensure that your child is eligible to participate in Fall school sports. We appreciate your cooperation and support in this matter and look forward to another successful year of school sports.